Editing is the farthest from a super easy job! I have heard people say it is; they know not the anguish editors endure but that’s the life of an Editor!

“oh but all you do is just cut and join video clips together, big deal!”

In a life of an editor, aspiring or veteran one goes through an array of emotions, and all will agree to edit a video is not the easiest task ever.

The video below from Lixi Studios gives a truly accurate insight into the life of an editor.

Editing a video is definitely not an easy undertaking and the bigger the project, the more overwhelming it is. Before the start of every project more often than not I sit in front of my workstation head in hands wondering how and where to start from, and that is the least of our problems. This video gives a pretty accurate explanation of a life of an editor.

An usual day in the life of an editor looks like:

  • Logging data for hours
  • Obsessing over minor problems
  • Obsessing over every single cut for hours
  • Blaming the Cinematographer
  • Blaming the Actor
  • Blaming the Director
  • Forgetting what life is outside the edit bay

To an outsider, we editors sometimes look stupid trying to match the cut to the frame and regularly rock and roll as we go over the minuscule second before we are satisfied with the cut. This video got me reminiscing, with the advent of latest editing software a lot of our mundane tasks of earlier days are taken care off.

I remember the editing marathons I have done over the years, sitting at the desk cutting for straight fifteen hours at a stretch. Though that still pales at the few multiple days marathon, I have done eating at the desk, grabbing a few winks when I could not keep my eyes open. And as the hours go by as you go tired, as the deadline is closing in on you, you realise your editing is turning shit because you been at your desk without rest for so long. You are not hardcore and the more tired, hungry and sleep deprived you get the more bad decisions you make.

Despite all the cribbing editors do all day I can say for sure no editor would want to swap their jobs for anything else. Life of an editor is not easy but it sure as hell is not without fun!

Do you relate to this video? Share with us your experience while editing your videos and films! Let us know in the comments below!