About Us

We are young and passionate Filmmakers and Storytellers from India.  One fine day, just as we were walking out from the movies, an idea popped in Chirag’s head. And well, you now know where we are digging in with that idea- this is all about films. And believe us, when we say it is all about us and films, it actually is.

We have an innate passion for all things films and we hope to bring you varied content about films and film-making. When we were picking up a name for Film-O-Verse, there were a gazillion things I remember writing in my red book. Reaching to Film-O-Verse as a name took us a few hours but we are really happy about it. Also, having a film background ourselves, we knew this is something that we always wanted to do. While Chirag could talk about everything which is resourceful, I wanted to add in a little more general opinion about the world of films, about how you and I might look at it. After all, films are like paintings, everyone has a different opinion about what they see. We are film fanatics, to an extent that we can read films too.

The name Film-O-Verse is inspired from the phrase “The Films Universe”.

We are not just about movie reviews but a plethora of other things such as news, resources, insights, views, interviews and yes, something that is highly requested from your side. When we do video blogs, it could be just anything starting from talking about a new movie or a new TV series.

Nidhi is a struggling never been engineer turned aspiring lawyer turned accidental partial architect turned unfortunate marketing graduate and a Writer (pretty much of everything). While Chirag is a pretty successful filmmaker but before that he was the never been aspiring architect turned never been partial engineer. We met in a similar such accident during a photo exhibition and ever since stuck to each other or better and better.

Now that here is a little about us and Film-O-Verse, keep a close eye on our next post!